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  2. Not every adulterous affair can be punished under the UCMJ.
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Adultery in the Military is a Criminal Offense Members of the military are held to higher ethical standards than civilians. This is best exemplified by the fact most civilian jurisdictions do not prosecute cases of adultery, but the military does. Facing Military Charges of Adultery?

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Call the Military Law Center Today. With regards to Syria, the U. It's repositioning forces because the mission has changed from fighting ISIS to protecting the oil. This also may make the first time a sitting president has not tried to camouflage sending troops to protect oil by claiming the United States was liberating oppressed people. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Friday Washington would send armored vehicles and troops to the Syrian oil fields in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of Islamic State militants.

There's a new book detailing the inside story of what it was like during Defense Secretary James Mattis' tenure, and it's safe to say that he'd prefer you not read it.

6 Signs Your Spouse Is Having An Affair

Marine Corps Gen. Jim Mattis once sat in the dirt with a man who'd attempted to kill him with a roadside bomb in Iraq. He had two artillery rounds, and he was out digging a hole, and next thing you know he looks up and there's five guys with automatic weapons standing around him, and they're not his. The video opens innocently enough. A bell sounds as we gaze onto a U. Navy frigate, safely docked at port at Naval Base San Diego.

A cadre of sailors, dressed in "crackerjack" style enlisted dress uniforms and hauling duffel bags over their shoulders, stride up a gangplank aboard the vessel.

Adultery Defined by the UCMJ

The officer on deck greets them with a blast of a boatswain's call. It could be the opening scene of a recruitment video for the greatest naval force on the planet. This is no recruitment video.

Not every adulterous affair can be punished under the UCMJ.

And one of those five Navy sailors who strode up that gangplank during filming was Ronald Beck, at the time a legal yeoman and witness to one of the strangest collisions between the U. Russia says U. Mattis offers optimism, avoids talking Trump during speech in Spokane. Former Marine sentenced to prison in accidental killing of fellow Marine. Find a Job. See All Jobs. Her story remained consistent, at least to all law enforcement entities. Our Client spoke to CID for at least 2. The key issue in this case was determining whether force or consent was present.

Both parties agreed that she came to the room to talk about her very recent break up with her boyfriend. Both parties agreed that a belt was used to tie her hands behind her back. Both parties agreed that an exercise belt was used to gag her. Both parties agreed that he ejaculated all over her torso. Both parties agreed that a condom was used. What was in dispute? Whether or not he forced her to be tied up and raped by threatening to use a knife. The other issue in dispute was who told who to delete text messages. She said he told her to delete text messages.

He said she told him. The facts showed that she had her text messages, and that he did not have his. The government laid out their case rather simply, because in fact, on its face, it looked simple. It was up to the Defense to lay out the context for what happened in this case. First, the alleged victim had a history of lying. She had lied to investigators, and her chain of command during several investigations on her not related to this case. The Defense was able to capitalize on these facts to show that she was a liar.

The Defense showed that she used people, including the Client, for her own uses. There were several specific instances where the Client was manipulated unwittingly into doing things that were against his interests.

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The Defense also capitalized on the fact that there were rumors surrounding the nature of the relationship between the Client and the complaining witness. The complaining witness had confronted the Client regarding these rumors on several occasions. So, why then was she in the room in the first place? She knew he was a motor mouth, why would she go to the room to talk about her break up with her boyfriend? The Defense showed that she had not had any contact with the Client for at least two months since the last time she confronted him about the rumors. Finally, the Defense capitalized on the fact that the complaining witness could leg press lbs.

She had plenty of opportunities to inflict a tremendous amount of damage upon the Client and she did not do so. To capstone the case, the Defense highlighted the fact that the Client went through a lot of effort to research why women like to be tied up, and how to recover his text messages AFTER the alleged incident occurred and before he was picked up by the authorities. All of those things lead to reasonable doubt. All of those things tend to show consent. Only through thorough investigation and pouring over the facts were Mr.

Jordan and his team able to achieve victory on behalf of their Client. Joseph Jordan to defend my son, who was falsely accused of sexual assault. Though his experience, vast knowledge and sincere dedication, Mr. It is with great appreciation and respect that I highly recommend Mr. The Coast Guard accused Mr. Coast Guard approached this case with the mindset of securing a conviction. The Coast Guard ensured that the Command Master Chief for the convening authority in this case was on the client's Courts-Martial panel.

Additionally, several Chief's and Chief Petty Officers working directly under the Command Master Chief were included on the total panel of Lastly, several officers, who were rated by the convening authority, were included on the panel. Thru skillful questioning, Mr. Jordan successfully brought the panel down from 10 to 3 panel members. The Coast Guard opted to prosecute this case instead of taking a look at the unit's internal property accountability procedures.

Adultery - Military Lawyer Stephen P. Karns | Karns Law Firm

None of the property Client allegedly stole was accurately reflected on the books. But that is not the whole story. Client is a highly skilled, year veteran of the Coast Guard. Unfortunately, his skills rubbed his superiors the wrong way.

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  • When he PCS'd, he left in a hurry. As he arrived to his next duty station he found out there was an investigation into missing equipment at his previous unit. The unit did not call him to inform him. He found out from a friend.

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    So, in order to help, the Client immediately called his previous Command and left a message. No one answered and no one called back.


    CGIS was only interested in investigating Mr. Jordan's Client and failed to properly investigate for evidence that would exonerate the Client. The fact that the equipment was found and returned to the unit was of no consequence to CGIS, the Coast Guard or the Government as those agencies' only interest was to find the Client guilty - With or Without proper evidence! Result: Full Acquittal! This was achieved through skillful cross-examination of property accountability officer, and members of Client's previous command whose only concern was to attempt to ruin Mr.

    Jordan's Client career out of incompetence and jealousy. The timeline of events was key in unraveling the Government's intent behind taking the statement in the first place. Jordan's thorough investigation behind the Government's actions enabled him to win his motion to suppress on behalf of his client, successfully wiping away half of the charge sheet his client was facing. Jordan even had access to several prison calls he made to other witnesses.

    The Navy's approach to this case was appalling. First, they brought in a veteran NCIS agent to investigate the case. He lied, deceived and tricked Mr. First he told the Client that linens had been seized from the night before, indicating that DNA swabs will be taken. No linens were seized because they had already been laundered.